David Conway is Trim Celtic’s very own Statto!

Who is Better Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Tyndall?

Man Utd V Dynamo KievSenior Reserves V Marsh Celtic

It is a question that has been raised on many occasions this season with the goalscoring exploits of each a magnificent achievement.

To answer the question as to who is better we need to take a look at a few stats because as the saying goes “The stats don’t lie”.

Looking at the league record goalscoring records of both here is how they compare.

Michael’s longest scoring run was 5 consecutive league games when he scored two against Marsh, one each against Square, Duleek and Albion finishing with another brace against Dromin.

In comparison Cristiano scored in 6 consecutive league games when he scored one against Derby, two against Bolton, then one each against Liverpool, Aston Villa, Middlesboro and Arsenal.


Games Played


Goal Average

Games Scored in

Percentage of Games Scored in

Percentage of Teams Goals

Michael Tyndall







Cristiano Ronaldo







Michael scored 15 goals in 17 games, an average of 0.882352 goals per game. He scored in ten of those games which means he scored in 58.82% of the games he played. Michael’s team scored 45 goals meaning he contributed 33% of the teams goals.

Cristiano scored 31 goals in 34 games, an average of 0.911765 goals per game. He scored in 21 of those games which means he scored in 67.74% of the games he played. Cristiano’s team scored 80 goals meaning he contributed 38% of the teams goals.

However while only 29% (9 out of 31) of Ronaldo’s goals were scored away from Old Trafford, Tyndall proved he can handle the pressure of an away game with 47% (7 from 15) of his goals coming away from Tully Park.

So while Ronaldo shades the honours for the longest goalscoring run, goal average, percentage of games scored in and percentage of teams goals scored, Tyndall will argue that having the ability to score away from your own patch holds much greater weight.

Well done Michael!


Goal Machine

This season the Senior team won the MDL Premier Division for the first time in their history. To win a league takes a huge team effort, as the saying goes no one man is bigger than the team”. To win games you need goals and this season one man provided them regularly and many of them.

Paul Gilsenan (pictured above on right with his brother Mark and mother Mary) who has played at every level for the club scored a staggering 17 goals from 15 starts and 1 substitute appearance. He failed to score in six games, scored one four times, two six times and grabeed one hattrick. His longest scoring run was 4 consecutive matches between April 8th and April 25th, while he also scored in three consecutive matches between January 28th and February 9th.

See below for a list of his goals

8th October 06 – 1 Vs Square Utd in 3-1 away defeat

5th November 06 – 2 Vs Blackwater Utd in 3-1 home victory

28th January 07 – 3 Vs Dromin Utd in 4-2 away victory

4th February 07 – 1 Vs Albion Rovers in 3-1 home victory

9th February 07 – 2 Vs Glenmuir Utd in 4-3 away victory

8th April 07 – 1 Vs Slane Wanderers in 3-0 away victory

11th April 07 – 1 Vs Navan Cosmos in 3-0 home victory

22nd April 07 – 2 Vs Albion Rovers in 3-2 away defeat

25th April 07 – 2 Vs Torro Utd in 4-0 away victory

20th May 07 – 2 Vs Rock Celtic in 3-1 home victory

A magnificent achievement I think you will agree. Well done Paul!!


Consistency the Key to Success

Since their promotion to the MDL Premier Division in 2001 the Senior Team have played 181 competitive games in all competitions and used 83 players in the process.

> David Conway was ever present in 2001-2002 playing all 30 games.

> Dominic Martin was ever present in 2002-2003 playing all 28 games.

> David Conway and Dominic Martin were both ever-present in 2003-2004 playing all 32 games.

> Dominic Martin completed his third ever-present season in a row in 2004-2005 while Ciaran Rispin also played all 35 games in the longest of all the seasons.

> In 2005-2006 Ciaran Rispin completed his second ever-present year in a row playing all 32 games.

> So far in 2006-2007 Ciaran Rispin, Cyril Halton and Robbie Dillon have played all 22 matches played to date.

It is no surprise that Dominic Martin, Ciaran Rispin and David Conway top the list with 172, 170 and 158 matches respectively each with Paul Campbell a short distance back on 146. Keith Jones completes the top five with an impressive 101 all completed before his recent 21st birthday.

It is also a common trend that the Player of the Year is among the most consistent names on the managers team sheet with Dominic Martin (2002-2003), David Conway (2003-2004) and Ciaran Rispin (2005-2006) all picking up the award in ever-present years while in 2004-2005 the winner, David Fagan, missed just one game.

Click here to download the full list.


Player Swap

In season 2005-2006 twenty-nine players turned out for both the first and the second teams. Mark Scanlon, Noel Payne, Andy Reilly, Seamus Harte, Colm Harte, Tony McDonnell, Shane Ashe, John Farrell and Mark McCormack did the most team swapping each playing at least 35% of their games with one team and the rest with the other. The below list shows all players who played 20% or more of their games with one team and the remainder with the other.

Player First Team Second Team Total Percentage 1st Team Percentage 2nd Team
Noel Payne 14 24 38 37% 63%
Colm Harte 13 17 30 43% 57%
Danny Quinn 6 24 30 20% 80%
Tommy Boyle 7 23 30 23% 77%
Shane Ashe 13 13 26 50% 50%
Mark Scanlon 8 15 23 35% 65%
Clayton Keegan 6 15 21 29% 71%
Alex Geraghty 4 16 20 20% 80%
Tony McDonnell 8 9 17 47% 53%
Andy Reilly 6 10 16 37% 63%
John Farrell 8 7 15 53% 47%
Seamus Harte 6 9 15 40% 60%
Mark McCormack 7 4 11 64% 36%
Gordon Flood 2 8 10 20% 80%


Top Goal Scorers Race – 30th May 2006

This Top Goalscorers award was shared between Noel Payne and Craig O’Hanlon.
This is the story of how they both reached their total of 14 goals.
Craig opened his account in his first game of the season in the O’Connell McKenna Cup against Rock Celtic. Another goal against Carrick Rovers in the same competition followed by one in each of the League games against Square Utd, Slane Wanderers and Rock Celtic saw gave Craig a five goal start before Noel opened his account with a brace against Albion Rovers in the League, on
the same weekend that Craig netted against Torro Utd, also in the league, to leave Craig leading 6 goals to two. Leinster Junior Shield goals for Noel against Lower Crumlin and Newtownpark Celtic, follwed by a League strike against Rock Celtic saw the lead narrow to a single goal by the end of October. Only one more goal was scored by each player before the end of the year with Craig scoring in the FAI Junior Cup against Bellurgan, and Noel netting against Rock Celtic for his thrid consecutive goal in the Leinster Junior Shield. Thus going into the new year Craig was on seven, while Noel was on six goals.Craig’s barren run continued into mid February by which time Noel had taken the lead with a Reserve Cup goal against Enfield followed by a Bradley Shield double against Navan Cosmos. Craig pulled a goal back against Torro Utd in the League to leave him training Noel by one, with eight goals compared to Noel’s nine. On the weekend of the 5th March Noel scored twice against Square in the League with Craig also hitting the net against Agher Park in the Kilmessan Shield. Neither player would scoe for a month after this but Craig again narrowed the deficit to one goal with a League strike against Ardee Celtic, Noel responded with another double this time in the Reserve Cup Semi-Final against OMP Utd. A hattrick from Craig on the Kilmessan Shild Quarter Final against Boyne Harps, followed by another goal in the Semi-Final against Rossin Rovers saw him reach his tally of 14. In the Kilmessan Shield Final Noel levelled up the race for the Top Scorers Crown with a goal against Carrick Rovers.

Congratulations to both players on a very exciting race.


Goal Drought – 24th December 2005

Taking this season’s players (excluding goalkeepers) who have played over five matches the following players have yet to hit the back of the net this season.

Dominic Martin 18 matches this season. Last goal – 12th September 04 in a 6 – 0 win against Rathkenny Rovers .Dominic has played 31 games since this goal although some of these matches he played in goal.

Ciaran Rispin 18 matches this season. Last goal – 15th February 04 in a 5 – 3 win against Electro Celtic. Ciaran has played 69 matches since this goal.

Keith Jones 17 matches this season. Last goal – 11th May 05 in a 5 – 2 win against Albion Rovers. Keith has played 18 matches since this goal, however Keith did score for the MDL Under 21 side in the Oscar Tryanor Cup earlier this season.

Mark Gilsenan 7 matches this season. Last goal 9th November 03 in a 5 – 2 win against Square Utd. Mark has played 22 matches since this goal although he did not play for the club in the 2004/2005 season.

Mark Scanlon 10 matches this season. Last goal 2nd April 05 in a 4 – 2 win against Dromin United. Mark has played 15 games since this goal.

David Campbell 12 matches this season. Last goal 23rd April 05 in an 8 – 1 defeat against Carrick Rovers. David has played 16 games since this goal.

Danny Quinn 17 matches this season. Last goal 24th January 04 in a 4 – 1 win against Ardee Celtic. Danny has played 29 matched since this goal although he did not play for the club in the 2004/2005 season.

Alex Geraghty 14 matches. Alex progressed from last year’s under 17 team and has yet to register a goal as a senior goal.

Apart from David Campbell’s goal in an 8 – 1 defeat against Carrick all these players’ last goals came in victories, obviously they save their goals for when we need them!!!


Winning Streak – 09-09-2005

1st Team In 2004-2005

The 1st Team put in three winning streaks in the league. The first was a five game winning streak starting with the first game of the season against Rathkenny, followed by victories over Rock Celtic, Trim Town, Botown and again Rathkenny before defeat by Gelnmuir halted the run. The next run was less significant as it was only three wins in a row against Dromin, Square and Carrick, however this was the start of un unbeaten run of eleven games. The third and longest winning streak included six games of the aforementioned eleven game unbeaten run in which Dromin, Ardee, Glenmuir, Trim Town, Rock Celtic, and Botown being beaten before a draw with Carrick ended the run.

2nd Team In 2004-2005

The second team struggled with inconsistancy and only put in one short winning streak, with three victories over Square, Dromin and Rock. This run was ended with a draw against Duleek, Not surprisingly this was also the second teams longest unbeaten run as the draw against Duleek was followed by another victory over Dromin to leave them with an unbeaten run of five games.


1st Team Winning Streak – 6 Unbeaten Run – 11

2nd Team Winning Streak – 3 Unbeaten Run – 5


Bench Warmers – 20-06-2005

The Substitute of the Season Award goes to Ross Campbell who sat on the bench 14 times coming on 10 times and being unused 3 times. Ross was pushed all the way by Stephen Jones who sat on the bench 13 times coming on 5 times and being unused 8 times. Stephen thus collects the award for Most Unused Sub of Season The following players have spent the most number of times as a substitute. 1st Team Ross Campbell sat on the bench for 12 First Team games coming on 9 times and being unused 3 times Ciaran Mulvanna sat on the bench for 10 First Team games coming on 5 times and being unused 5 times Brian Quinn sat on the bench for 10 First Team games coming on 6 times and being unused 4 times Craig O’Hanlon sat on the bench for 9 First Team games coming on all 9 times 2nd Team Guiseppe Sanzo sat on the bench for 9 Second Team games coming on 5 times and being unused 4 times Pete Dilworth sat on the bench for 8 Second Team games coming on 6 times and being unused twice John Kane sat on the bench for 6 Second Team games coming on all 6 times Alan McCormack sat on the bench for 6 Second Team games coming on 4 times and being unused twice


Squad Rotation – 08-05-2005

So far this season 1st Team manager has used 33 different players while the Second team have used 38! Claudio Ranieri would be proud of such squad rotation! Team Goals – 18-04-2005 The first team have scored 95 goals in 31 games this season an average of 3.06 goals per game. These 95 goals have been shared out among 15 different players with 1 goal also coming from an own goal. The second team have scored 32 goals in 19 games this season an average of 1.68 goals per game. These 32 goals have been shared out among 14 different players.


Net Minders – 07-04-2005

Mick Martin has kept 4 clean sheets in total, 2 in 6 games with the 2nd Team and 2 in 4 games for the 1st team 12 goals in 6 games Barry O’Callaghan has kept 3 clean sheets in 23 first team games conceding 35 goals Tom Barry has kept 2 clean sheets in 8 2nd Team games.12 goals Roger Wheeler has conceed 4 goals in 2 matches Brendan Murphy has conceded 1 goal in 1 match Dominic Martin has conceded 1 goal in 1 match


Ever Presents – 01-04-2005

Only two players in the club have played every game for their team this season. The two players are Ciaran Rispin and Dominic Martin, who have played every game for the first team. Keith Jones, Paul Campbell, David Fagan, David Conway and Noel Payne have missed just one game each. There are no ever-presents on the second team with Gordon Flood, David Campbell both having missed 1 game each.