Parkceltic Summerhill vs 2004 Boys Division 2

Sat 09 Sep 17
Score: 4 - 1

Match Report

Trim were yet again let down by finishing .We dominated possession in the first half but even though we scored the first goal, a cracking shot by Dylan Doonan we could not follow that up despite numerous efforts. Bad footballing decisions such as not marking up, ball watching and giving the opposition possession of the ball when not under pressure caused all the goals against us. Having said that we did not have any defenders today which meant a lot of players playing out of position. In the second half it was more of the same and we possibly had very strong claims for 2 penalties. Outstanding today were the 2 Doonan brothers and Jack Henry, although the whole team acquitted themselves well.
Trim Celtic squad: Jamie Doonan, AJ Kearney, Jamie Callaghan, Dylan Doonan, Jack Henry, Jack Cleary, Evan McCormack, Finn Mahon, Cathal Diedricks, Yero Konate, Padraig Mallon, Shane Russell


R156, Co. Meath, Ireland

Parkceltic Summerhill

2004 Boys Division 2