13 Boys Elite vs Kingscourt Harps

Sat 06 Apr 19
Score: 6 - 0

Match Report

Celtic won the toss and chose to play uphill against a strong wind against a well organised Kingscourt team. The first fifteen minutes were scrappy with Celtic struggling to get their foot on the ball however, they were soon one up after Kingscourt failed to clear a free kick and Dylan Pearce finished it to the net. Celtic settled with Oisin O’Neill and Aaron O’Rourke starting to find passes. Adam Curran doubles Trim’s lead picking up the ball twenty five yards from goal, running through the middle and finishing well.
After halftime Celtic picked up where they left off and Shane McGrath soon made it 3 with a great individual goal. With Pádraig Walsh controlling the game from the back the central midfield duo of Oisin O’Neill and Aaron O’Rourke in midfield knocking the ball around finding the runs of the wide men and with Luke O’Halloran in inspired form up front It was soon 4. Harry Bowman whipped in a dangerous corner and Max Mullhall hooked it in with his left foot. Two minuets later Oisin O’ Neill made it five with a stunning twenty five yard free kick. With five minuets to go Cian Bell made it six at the back post after great work again from Shane McGrath. Best for Celtic Pádraig Walsh,Oisin O‘Neill,Aaron O’Rourke, Shane McGrath and Luke O’Halloran.
Trim Celtic squad: Tom Edwards, Harry Bowman, Shane O’Dowd, Daniel Murray, Padraig Walsh, Oisin O’Neill, Kyle Ennis, Max Mulhall, Adam Curran, Aaron O’Rourke, Cian Bell, Shane McGrath, Dylan Pearce, Jack Rogers, Luke O’Halloran


MDL Grounds
Trim Road, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland