Noel Dempsey served the area of Trim as a member of Trim UDC and Meath County Council before being elected to Dáil Éireann where he a served as a TD for the Meath and Meath West constituencies from 1987 to 2011.

He also served as Minister for Environment and Local Government (1997–2002), Minister for Education and Science (2002–04), Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (2004–07) and Minister for Transport (2007–11).

Noel Dempsey Perpetual Cup
Noel presented his perpetual cup to the Club in 1987, the same year he was first elected to Dáil Éireann.

The trophy is given to the overall Schoolboy Player of the Year as selected by the Committee from the list of individual players chosen at their respective age levels.


2019Wes Gibbons
2018Victor Barbu
2017Ciaran Caulfield
2015-16Joey Cole
2014-15Nathan Sheridan
2013-14Luke Mahon
2012-13Eoin Sweeney
2011-12Dean Courtney
2010-11Sean FitzGerald
2009-10Paul Lynch
2007-08Rory McEntee
2006-07Joan Lehmann
2005-06Colm Smith
2004-05T.J. Garry
2003-04Alan Douglas
2002-03Stephen Jones
2001-02Ronan Flynn
2000-01James Conroy
1999-00Paul Rispin
1998-99Derek Dixon
1997-98Ross Campbell
1996-97Paul Gilsenan
1995-96Mark Mercer
1993-94Noel Payne
1992-93Gary Rispin
1991-92Darren Fay
1990-91Thomas Ludlow
1989-90Aaron Fay
1988-89Danny Quinn
1987-88Daniel Dorran
1986-87Paul Dunne

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