Dr. John Brody was a native of the West of Ireland who settled in Trim and practiced for over 35 years as GP and as community obstetrician, serving Trim Maternity Hospital for many years before it was closed in the early 80’s. He was a much loved personality around Trim. He was affectionately known as ‘Jack’ and had been active nationally in the Irish Medical Organisation and its predecessor, The Medical Union.

He served for many years as President of Trim Celtic and gave invaluable help to successive Committees especially in the years after the foundation of the present Club 1967 when community recognition and support was not easily harnessed. His loyalty to the Club will always be remembered by those who remember him. He was also a generous contributor to the Club.

He passed away after illness in November 1987. His wife Celia still lives in Trim.




In 1984 he presented the Club with his Perpetual Cup for the Player of the Year and its presentation has been the highlight of the Club’s social calendar each year ever since.

The names engraved on the Cup to date are as listed below.

Paul Campbell is the only player to have won the award three times. Seven players have had their names engraved on the trophy twice -Mick Munnelly, Paddy Doyle, Kevin Fogarty, Dominic Martin, Danny Quinn, Ciaran Rispin and David Conway.

The Club’s First Team Manager selects the recipient at the end of each playing season.

SeasonPlayerTitle No.
2019Conor Walsh2
2018Conor Walsh1
2017-18Derek Donohoe1
2016-17Brian Faulkner1
2015-16Cyril Halton1
2014-15Colm Smith1
2013-14Danny Connell1
2012-13Paul Campbell3
2011-12Keith Jones1
2010-11Paul Campbell2
2009-10Michael Corrigan1
2008-09Mark Gilsenan1
2007-08David Conway2
2006-07Colm Harte1
2005-06Ciaran Rispin2
2004-05David Fagan1
2003-04David Conway1
2002-03Dominic Martin2
2001-02Paul Campbell1
2000-01Danny Quinn2
1999-00Damien Dempsey1
1998-99Danny Quinn1
1997-98Sean O'Rourke1
1996-97Ciaran Rispin1
1995-96Dominic Martin1
1994-95Kevin Elliott1
1993-94Ciaran Heffernan1
1992-93Kevin Fogarty2
1991-92Luke Dempsey1
1990-91Paul O'Connor1
1989-90Kevin Fogarty1
1988-89Brendan Corrigan1
1987-88John Cahill1
1986-87Paddy Doyle2
1985-86Peter Campbell1
1984-85Clem McAuley1
1983-84Pat Kelly1
1982-83Paddy Doyle1
1981-82John Ayton1
1980-81Michael Munnelly2
1979-80John McAuley1
1978-79Sean Farrell1
1977-78Dermot Breen1
1976-77Michael Munnelly1
1975-76Kevin O'Toole1

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