In front of a packed Castle Arch Hotel at our recent Schoolboy/girl Presentation the nursery & coaching league teams received their medals and certificates while the following individuals/ teams were honoured

Clancy Cup for Club Person of the Year – John Reilly

Butler Cup for Overall Schoolgirl of the Year – Anna Hegarty
Robert Bradley Cup for commitment & dedication in Schoolgirls football – Jill Mahon
Dempsey Cup for Overall Schoolboy of the Year – Victor Barbu
John O’Toole Cup U16 for commitment & dedication in Schooloys football – Kevin McGowan

Age 13 Girls
Managed by Lauri Scott & Brian Mahon
Player of the Year – Anna Hegarty
Top Scorer – Madeline McKinley
Most Improved Player – Muireann Curly

Age 11 Green
Managed by Peter McSherry
Player of the Year – Alex Fox
Top Scorer – Robert Henderson
Most Improved Player – Dylan Rodriguez

Age 11 White
Managed by Mark Hartnett and Graeme Guiney
Player of the Year – Josh Hartnett
Top Scorer – Jake Purcell
Most Improved Player – Liam Kearns

Age 11 Red
Managed by Kevin Meehan & Will Rafferty
Colm Cooper Cup Runners up
Player of the Year 2018 – Joey Hegarty
Top Scorer – Charlie Meehan
Most Improved Player – Adam Engelke

Age 12 Premier
Managed by Sean O’Rourke
Premier Division Runners up
Player of the Year – Oisin O’Neill
Top Scorer 2018 – Kyle Ennis
Most Improved Player – Shane O’Dowd

Age 12 D1
Managed by Paul Farrell
Plate Winners
Player of the Year – Seamus Evans
Top Scorer 2018 – Brendan Losty
Most Improved Player – Tadhg Diedericks

Age 12 Div 2
Managed by Martin Byrne & Shane Garry
Division 2 Runners up
Player of the Year – Cathal O’Reilly
Top Scorer – Thomas Byrne
Most Improved Player – Bobby Garry

Age 13 Premier
Managed by Stephen Moriarty & Brian Lynch
Player of the Year – Gareth Fegan
Top Scorer – Daniel McCormack
Most Improved Player – Matthew O’Connor

Age 14 Premier Green
Managed by Niall Bell, Gary Molloy & Aaron Ryan
Premier Division Winners
Cup Winners
Shield Winners
Player of the Year – Victor Barbu
Top Scorer – James Foley
Most Improved Player – Diarmuid Doyle

Age 14 Premier White
Managed by Ian Kirby & Karl Cleary
Player of the Year – Mark Winters
Top Scorer – Sean Lynch
Most Improved Player – Jamie Doonan

Age 15 Premier
Managed by Alan McCormack & Eric McCormack
Premier Division Winners
Cup Winners
Shield Finalists
Player of the Year – Kris Gorman
Top Scorer – Jared Akigbesote
Most Improved Player – Aaron McCormack

Age 15 Div 1
Managed by Jim Lynch & Lauri Scott
Player of the Year – Sam Lynch
Top Scorer – Cormac Conroy
Most Improved Player – Sean Halton

Age 16 Premier
Managed by John Reilly & Declan Gibney
Shield Runners up
Player of the Year – Eoghan Lenehan
Top Scorer – Evan deCourcey Tobin
Most Improved Player -Fionn McEvoy