On Sunday we kicked off our Presentation Day with a Skillsfest at Tully Park. The nursery & 7-10 teams were up first and the prize winners are below:
Winner: Hannah Sheridan
Runner-up: Anna Hegarty

Age 7
Winner – Max Chambers
Runner-Up: Charlie Kirwan

Age 8
Winners – Aaron Dempsey & Cormac Walsh
Runners-Up: Caolan Comey & Jamie Tormey

Age 9
Winners – Sam Nolan & Leo Heather
Runners-Up: Luke O’Reilly & Evan O’Farrell

Age 10
Winners – Lee Jones & Jesse O’Rourke
Runners-up – Cathal Martin & Rian Collins

Following this the Age 11-15 Teams were in action:
Age 11
Winner: Aaron O’Rourke
Runner-up: Shane McGrath

Age 12
Winner: Finn Dardis
Runner-up: Liam King

Age 13
Winner: Ben Ryan
Runner-up: Shane Bell

Age 14/15
Winner: TBC
Runner-up: TBC

Then it was back to the Castle Arch Hotel for the first of our Presenation Ceremonies sponsored by our coaching partners EI Sports. In the first session all the players from the Coaching League Teams & nursery received their medals and certificates on the day.
Well done to all.

In the second session of our Presentation Schoolboys & Girls from Ages 11-18 were centre stage with awards being presented to the Player of the Year, Top Goalscorer and Most Improved Player.
Roll of Honour Below

Perpetual Cups
Dempsey Cup – Overall Schoolboy of the Year – Ciaran Caulfield
Butler Cup – Overall Schoolgirl of the Year – Leigha Greer
John O’Toole Cup – Most Committed 16 Boys Player – Mark Cunningham
Clancy Cup – Club Person of the Year – Lauri Scott

15 Boys Premier
Player of the Year – Tommy Doonan
Most Improved Player – Jake Carolan
Top Scorer – Justin Barbu

15 Boys Division 1
Player of the Year – Evan DeCourcey Tobin
Most Improved Player – Eoghan Lenehan
Top Scorer – Evan DeCourcey Tobin

14 Boys Premier
Player of the Year – Ciaran Caulfield
Most Improved Player – Sean Tully
Top Scorer – Conor O’Hare

14 Boys Division 1
Player of the Year – Kacper Jagodzinski
Most Improved Player – Aaron O’Connor
Top Scorer – Tyreece Tango

13 Boys Premier
Player of the Year – Max McGowan
Most Improved Player – Ronan McGinley
Top Scorer – James Foley

13 Boys Division 1
Player of the Year – Evan Collins
Most Improved Player – Aaron O’Sullivan
Top Scorer – Adrian Karbownik

13 Boys Division 2
Player of the Year – Cathal Diedericks
Most Improved Player – AJ Kearney
Top Scorer – Evan McCormack

12 Boys Premier
Player of the Year – Mark Brennan
Most Improved Player – Tom Creagh
Top Scorer – Danial McCormack

12 Boys Division 1
Player of the Year – Luke Gallagher
Most Improved Player – Calum O’Connell
Top Scorer – Eoin O’Reilly

11 Boys Red & Blue
Player of the Year – Padraig Walsh
Most Improved Player – Shane McGrath
Top Scorer – Adam Curran

11 Boys Green
Player of the Year – Cillian Purcell
Most Improved Player – Thomas Mooney
Top Scorer – Eoin Savage

11 Boys White
Player of the Year – Eric Arlovski
Most Improved Player – William Chen
Top Scorer – Kyle Rossney

Congratulations to all winners.