We are delighted to welcome the experts from Athletic Development to come to and give one of their Workshops
The Workshops is been run in the MDL this Friday 23rd of September 7-10pm
All Managers/coaches/assistants/senior players are invited to this workshop
Please make the effort as everybody who attends will get something from it. Our 14P team will be perfroming the practical drills.
With the good weather we having been having lately please come prepared as most of the workshop will be outdoors
The following are some of the recommendations that Athletic Deveolpment have received to date

“Athletic Development make the coaches job easy, I’d recommend their products to any coach”

Pat Fenlon, Manager Bohemian F.C.

“Any coach not using this system is really missing out.”  

Richard Crean, Academy coach at Home Farm F.C.

“Athletic Development provide great training tools that coaches can draw on to maximise the physical condition of their players.”

Dan Tobin, B.Sc., C.S.C.S,

Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Leinster Rugby.

Come and enhance your Training/Coaching experience.
Facilitated by youth fitness specialists; we aim to give attending coaches a background in the fundamental areas of youth athlete development, including but not limited to:
• Strength training
• Agility
• Balance
• Coordination
• Speed
• Fitness through games
• Core strength and stability
• Injury prevention
• Long term athlete development


Attending coaches will:

 • Gain a clear understanding of the need/process of athlete development

• Acquire the knowledge, skill and confidence to include developmentally appropriate Strength & Conditioning training into their current sessions

• Be encouraged to shape their workshop through constant interaction, meeting their individual educational needs