Please find information below on the trials for the NECSL ETP squads. It is important that all Team Managers are made aware of the Trials and that they encourage players to take part.Keeping in line with last year, we are running the Trials for the 4 Sunday’s in September, details below.  
  Due to large number of participants, all players must be pre-registered for the trials and their details forwarded by e-mail, no later than 1 st September.
All Trials take place at The Grange, Kells / Blackwater Grounds

Year Born Age Group Trial Time Head Coach Contact No.
2000 12’s 12 – 2 pm Mick Davies 087 6573479
1999 13’s 10am – 12pm Noel Farrelly 087 2352152
1998 14’s 2 – 4pm Derek Boyle  
086 3094207
1997 15’s 12 – 2pm Dave Cullen 086 3766113
1996 16’s 2pm – 4pm Daryl Ratty 087 6143664