Trim Celtic 2, Rock Celtic 3

Some sloppy passing by Trim Celtic in midfield gave Rock Celtic the opportunity to take the lead in this Premier encounter at Tully Park on Sunday.

At the break the visitors led 3-1 with Keith Peppard denied a great individual goal when his effort was cleared off the line by a Rock Celtic player who handled.

The player was sent off and Mark Gilsenan converted the penalty.

Peppard scored a tremendous goal for Trim Celtic early in the second-half when he fired to the net from outside the box, but Rock went on to win.

Peppard almost snatched a late equaliser. Gilsenan and Peppard stood out for the Trim side in an exciting contest.

Trim Celtic – B O’Callaghan; M Gilsenan, K Jones, D Martin, C Halton, M Corrigan, G Meehan, P Conway, K Peppard, D Conway, C Rispin. Subs – C Quinn for Meehan, E Kelly for Rispin.