The 2008 Annual General Meeting was held on last Wednesday night in the Castle Arch Hotel & according to Club Secretary Des Clancy it should in time prove to be the most important meeting for the Club for many years, indeed probably the most important one since the foundation meeting in 1967.

Chairman Robert Bradley gave a brief report & expressed thanks to the very many people who supported the Club during the year gone by – supporters, sponsors, parents of young players, members of the Management Committee & Sub-Committees, Team Managers & assistants.

Secretary Des Clancy congratulated all of the 26 Team Managers in the Club & the twenty six panels of players for their efforts throughout another hugely successful season for the Club during which it landed no less than eight trophies – the MDL McKenna Cup (Seniors), the MDL Premier Reserve League (Reserves), four league titles for the Schoolboys & in addition three Shields. He also recorded the fact that the Club finished as runner-up in seven other competitions. He confirmed that over 625 games had been played by Club teams from U8 up to Senior men & Ladies & he expressed great satisfaction that no serious injury had been suffered.

He provided a brief report in the Club’s Child Welfare activities during the season & in summarising the re-structure that the Club underwent in 2007 he highlighted the emergence of a number of very dynamic & enthusiastic volunteers as a big success. Public Relations improved during the year & the sale of Club tracksuits & other gear was another continuing success story. He made reference to the expenditure during the 2007/8 season on the playing surfaces at Tully Park.

However he said that the most important thing on the Club agenda right now was the plan currently being drafted for the future of the Club & the need for a significant effort all across the Club as it strives to move ‘up a few gears’ in terms of realising the ambitions of the current membership. He appealed to  everyone to commit to the development plan when announced. In relation to the election of Officers he stressed the need for a higher level of commitment than ever before from those who allow their names to go forward, reminding the attendance of plans to convert the new Committee to a Limited Company in the near future for a number of reasons.

Three of the Club Trustees were present to observe the proceeding & the Club Solicitors Ms. Regan McEntee were present to monitor the business of the night.

The Chairman of the Development Committee Ciaran Gaughran spoke briefly of the progress made to date in regard to the further development of Club facilities, saying that a full report would issue in the not to distant future. He appealed to everyone for patience, explaining that it was not possible at this stage to make a public announcement as to what exactly was being considered.

A number of key motions recommended by the outgoing Committee were carried enthusiastically & also some related & some new amendments to the Club Constitution.

The Officers elected were as follows:
President – John McEvoy
Vice Presidents – Ciaran Gaughran, Christy Ginnerty, Celia Brody.
Chairman – Robert Bradley
Secretary – Des Clancy
Treasurer – Andy Reilly
Others – Ronan McKenna, Peter Millen, Andy Reilly, Gerry Gorman, Nick Nally, Des FitzGerald.