So Louise,
Tell us an interesting fact that not a lot of people know about
Date and Place of birth
21/06/78 – Manchester
Marital status
Best advice given
If in doubt, put it out!
Worst Advice given
Just go for the player, if you get the ball it’s a bonus!
Favourite Band
Sterophonice (Thanks to Ronan McKenna)
Favourite Film
Right now its ‘Once’ and ‘The Notebook’.
Favourite Food
Choclate covered banana pieces.
Biggest influence on career
My mother… A great ‘homemaker’
Best goal
My header v Monaghan United last season. I was told it was a goal a man
would score!
Favourite game
Beating Monaghan United, home and away in 1 week!
Game you’d rather forget
Getting sent off V Drogheda United in United Park.
Are you superstitious?
Tell readers your favourite joke
3 nuns were sitting on a pier when a flasher ran by…. 2 nuns has a stroke
but the other couldn’t reach.
If you won €1 million on the lottery what would you buy and who

I would buy lots of Christian Louboutin Shoes.
I would also share with my family & donate generously to Trim Celtic & Agher
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