15/12/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2
Result: Trim Celtic 2, Torro Utd. 1
Halftime: Trim Celtic 2, Toro Utd. 0
Scorers for Trim: Luke Osborne & Ryan Tuoghy

This was a very fine win for Kieron Fletcher’s side as they contained an impressive second half come-back by the visitors to hold on for another three Division 2 points. Luke Osborne struck first for Celtic in the first half followed by Ryan Tuoghy who added a second before the break. The visitors pressed hard throughout the second period & were rewarded with one goal but the Trim defence held firm. Eamon McGloughlin in goal, James Durkin & Cormac Harten all impressed in na fine all round team performance.
Trim Celtic (squad): Eamon McGloughlin, Andrew Bird, Brian McKeown, Alan Troy, James Durkin, Neilly Reilly, Liam Fletcher, Luke Osborne, Ryan Tuoghy, Cormac Harten, Odhran Corrigan, Ross Power, Emma McGloughlin.

17/11/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2  
Result: Agher 4-2 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Agher 2-1 Trim Celtic
Scorers for Trim: Meara Owens, Cormac Harten

Trim Celtic U11Bs made the away trip to the in-form Agher on Saturday morning & despite going down 4-2, played probably their best game so far this season. Trim conceded a goal after five minutes play & found themselves two down after ten minutes following an unlucky deflection. Meara Qwens responded for Trim with a fine goal & this seemed to kick start Trim into real action. They pressured Agher with some good play from midfield by Luke Osbourne & Andrew Bird. After half time Trim found themselves 3-1 down but responded with a strike from Cormac Harten to make it 3-2. Agher were stretched at this stage as Trim were pushing for an equaliser going close on a few occasions. As Trim pressed they were caught out & conceded a forth goal but pushed Agher all the way in this thoroughly entertaining game. Impressive for Trim were Alan Troy, Emma McGloughlin, Neil Reily, Ryan Toughy & the man of the match with his best performance to date, James Durkin.
Trim Celtic (squad): S. Callaghan, L. O’Donnell, K. Doyle, A. Troy, B. McKeown, J. Durkin, A. Bird, Eamon McGloughlin, L. Fletcher, R. Power, Emma McGloughlin, L. Osbourne, R. Toughy, C. Harten, S. Cumiskey, M. Owens, N. Reily, O. Corrigan.

10/11/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2  
Result: Skryne Tara 4-6 Trim Celtic B
Halftime: Skryne Tara 1-3 Trim Celtic B
Scorers for Trim: L.iam O’Donnell (2), Mera Owens (2), Ryan Toughy, Luke Osbourne

Trim Celtic U11Bs played away to a weakened Skryne Tara side today thet could only field 9 players. The Skryne Tara manager borrowed 3 players from a very sporting Celtic side & the game was played. Trim Celtic took the lead through goals from Ryan Toughy & Luke Osbourne. Liam O’Donnell added a further two goals before the break. Meara Owens & Sean Cumisky came on at half time & added more goals. Celtic’s Ross Power sportingly played for Skryne Tara & scored after showing some great pace against his team mate but rival on the day, Khalum Doyle. Best for Trim today were Liam Fletcher who broke a lot of play up in midfield & the two wide midfielders, Cormac Harten and Liam O’Donnell.  Man of the match was the energetic Meara Owens with a brace of goals.
Trim Celtic (squad): S. Callaghan, N. Reily, K. Doyle, A. Troy, B. McKeown, J. Durkin, L. O’Donnell, L. Fletcher, L. Osbourne, R. Toughy, C. Harten, S. Cumiskey, M. Owens.

3/11/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2       
Result: Trim Town 2-0 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Trim Town 2-0 Trim Celtic 

Trim Celtic made the short away trip to Trim Town & were narrowly defeated in what was a good open game. Celtic were the team under pressure from the kick off & found themselves a goal down after some sloppy play around their own box. Celtic rallied & the tide started to turn but they were caught out with a second goal before half time. Following an energetic half-time pep talk they responded well & put Trim Town under pressure consistently throughout the half & had chances, but unfortunately time ran out. Best for Celtic were Khalum Doyle, Neil Reilly, James Durkin but man of the match was goalkeeper Shane Callahan.
Trim Celtic: S. Callaghan, N. Reilly, K. Doyle, A. Troy, B. McKeown, A. Bird, J. Durkin, L. Osbourne, R. Toughy, C. Harten, L. O’Donnell.
Subs: R. Power, S. Cumisky, O. Corrigan, L. Fletcher.

27/10/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2  
Result: Trim Celtic 1-3 Parkvilla
Halftime: Trim Celtic 1-2 Parkvilla
Scorer for Trim: Cormac Harten

This was a disappointing day for the Trim Celtic U11B squad who somehow lost out to Parkvilla 3-1 despite having lots of possession and chances. Trim started confidently taking the game to Parkvilla, exerting lots of pressure & creating chance after chance but just couldn’t finish. Trim found themselves going in at half time 1-2 down despite Parkvilla only getting into Trim’s half three times in the half. The second half was a more even affair with both teams having opportunities & in the end Trim ran out of time but never stopped pushing. Trim can feel aggrieved at some of the decisions that were made but should learn quickly that chances have to be taken.  Man of the match for Trim today was Cormac Harten who scored with a fine strike from outside the box.
Trim Celtic (squad): Eamon McGloughlin, N. Reily, K. Doyle, B. McKeown, Emma McGloughlin, L. Osbourne, A. Bird, A. Troy, L. Fletcher, M. Owens, L. O’Donnell, R. Power, R. Toughy, C. Harten.

20/10/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2
Result: Newtown 0-3 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Newtown 0-0 Trim Celtic
Scorers for Trim: Liam Fletcher, Brian McKeown, Cormac Harten

Celtic’s U11Bs won their first game of the season away to Newtown & fully deserved their win. After last week’s disappointing result, some changes were made & this had the desired effect. Trim were on top from the off & should have been in front from a Ross Power effort only to have it disallowed. As the first half progressed Trim created opportunities but couldn’t put the ball away. At half time with the game at 0-0, Trim made substitutions & were rewarded after 2 minutes of the second half by a goal from Liam Fletcher who caused a lot of problems for Newtown. A few minutes later Liam Fletcher was brought down for a penalty which Brian McKeown duly slotted home. Trim continued to press & scored again through Cormac Harten who impressed down the left flank. There were some good performances today from Emma McGloughlin, James Durkin, Luke Osbourne & Meara Owens but the man of the match goes to Alan Troy who controlled from the back.
Trim Celtic (squad): Eamon McGloughlin, S. Callaghan, K. Doyle, A. Troy, L. Osbourne, Emma McGloughlin, A. Bird, J. Durkin, L. O’Donnell, R. Power, O. Corrigan, N. Reily, L. Fletcher, B. McKeown, M. Owens, C. Harten.

13/10/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2 
Result: Trim Celtic 0-2 Johnstown
Halftime: Trim Celtic 0-1 Johnstown

Trim Celtic U11Bs hosted Johnstown on what was a glorious day but failed to get a result when they were edged out 0-2 in what was at times a frustrating game for a manager Kieron Fletcher. Trim started brightly & put pressure on Johnstown & were unlucky to have a goal disallowed only to concede a goal immediately at the other end. At half time Trim made three changes & pressed again but it just didn’t come together with Trim’s key players not managing to take control of the game. Trim conceded a second after some poor defending. Credit has to be given to the players who worked hard right to the final whistle. Best for Trim were Eamon McGloughlin, Emma McGloughlin, Neil Reily & man of the match, Liam O’Donnell.
Trim Celtic (squad): Eamon McGloughlin, S. Cumisky, S. Callaghan, K. Doyle, B. McKeown, N. Reily, A. Bird, A. Troy, L. O’Donnell, R. Toughy, C. Harten, R. Power, Emma McGloughlin, L. Osbourne, O. Corrigan, J. Durkin.

7/10/07 U11 SFAI Menton/Seery Cup  
Result: Kilbarrack United 4-0 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Kilbarrack United 0-0 Trim Celtic

Trim Celtic U11B deserved more out of the game than they got. Kilbarrack were a physical & organised team. The game started well with both teams looking to impose their presence & create chances and this led to a competitive and even first half. Trim made two substitutions at half time to try to put a bit more pressure on the Kilbarrack back line but found themselves under 10 minutes of sustained pressure from Kilbarrack & conceded two goals. Trim then rallied and it looked as though they could get back into it but failed to take their chances & were caught with two more late goals as they tired towards the end of the game. Best today for Trim were Eamon McGloughlin, Liam O’Donnell, Liam Fletcher, Cormac Harten and man of the match was Khalum Doyle.

Trim Celtic (squad): E. McGloughlin, L. O’Donnell, K. Doyle, L. Fletcher, A. Troy, B. McKeown, A. Bird, N. Reily, O. Corrigan, M. Owens, C. Harten, R. Power, L. Osbourne, R. Toughy, J. Durkin.

22/9/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2 
Result: Enfield Celtic 3-0 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Enfield Celtic 3-0 Trim Celtic

Trim came away from Enfield with their heads held high after another improving display on a very poor pitch . All credit has to be given to the whole squad who continue to learn the game & try to play the game the correct way by passing the ball and moving for each other. Trim were 3-0 down at half time which flattered Enfield but Trim rallied in the second half & were unlucky not to score at least once. Best for Trim were Liam O’Donnell, Shane Callahan, Brian McKeown, Alan Troy and Cormac Harten.  Man of the match for Trim was Eamon McGloughlin.
Trim Celtic (squad): E. McGloughlin, S. Callaghan, L. O’Donnel, N. Reily, A. Bird, R. Toughy, B. McKeown, R. Power, A. Troy, L. Osbourne, C. Harten, J. Durkin, M. Owens, O. Corrigan, L. Fletcher.

15/9/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2  
Result: Trim Celtic 1-9 Parkvilla A
Halftime: Trim Celtic 0-3 Parkvilla A
Scorer for Trim: Brian McKeown

The U11Bs were always going to have their work cut out against Parkvilla’s 1st team but credit has to be given to the character of the Trim boys who never gave up and worked hard for each other until the final whistle. The Trim boys made a better start this week and were unlucky to go 3-0 down in the first 12 minutes.  All three goals went in just under the crossbar, leaving Khalum Doyle in goal no chance.  The second half proved to be Trim’s better half when they got their only goal from Brian McKeown. This rattled Parkvilla for a few minutes and Trim enjoyed their best spell of the game but were caught out at the back when pushing forward and conceded goals later in the game. Trim’s man of the match was Neil Reilly; he was pushed for this award by Andrew Bird, Brian McKeown, Khalum Doyle, Liam Fletcher and Meara Owens.
Trim Celtic: K. Doyle, A. Bird, L. Osbourne, N. Reily, R. Toughy, B. McKeown, C. Harten, L. Fletcher, A. Troy, M. Owens, L. O’Donnell, S. Callaghan, S. Cumisky, Eamon McLoughlin, R. Power, Emma McLoughlin.

8/9/07 U11 NECSL Lge  Div 2 
Result: Kingscourt 13-0 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Kingscourt 8-0 Trim Celtic

Trim U11Bs made the long away journey to Kingscourt on a day when they never got going.  The game kicked off and Trim seemed as though they were still in the dressing room; they were 3-0 down within the first 5 minutes. It proved to be a hard lesson . At half time a number of substitutions were made. Trim worked hard in the second half and got more into the game but it was too late and the boys were beaten by a much better team on the day.  There were good performances today from Meara Owens, Brian McKeown, Khalum Doyle and Neil Reilly until he had to go off injured. Man of the match for Trim was Andrew Bird who worked tirelessly in defence.
Trim Celtic: K. Doyle, R. Power, A. Bird, N. Reilly, L. O’Donnell, L. Fletcher, S. Cumisky, B. McKeown, L. Osbourne, M. Owens, J. Durkin, R. Touhy, O. Corrigan, C. Harten.

1/9/07 U11 NECSL Lge Div 2
Result: Newtown 2-2 Trim Celtic
Halftime: Newtown 1-1 Trim Celtic
Scorers for Trim: Liam Fletcher, Eamon McLoughlin.

Trim Celtic U11Bs made an away trip to Newtown on the opening day of the season and should have come away with all the points, but will settle for the draw.  Trim made the play and pressurised Newtown from the start creating chance after chance but lacked the final finish.  Trim had 4 chances cleared off the line.  But against the run of play, Newtown took the lead with a good strike from the edge of the box, but all credit to the Trim boys; they continued to pressure and got the equaliser through Eamon McLoughlin to go into half time at 1-1.  The second half continued in the same vane with Trim passing well and opening up opportunities and justly taking the lead through Liam Fletcher with a 6 yard finish at the back post.  At 2-1 up Trim should have pressed on to extend the lead but appeared to tire on their first outing on a full size grass pitch and conceded an equaliser.  Overall a promising start to the season with good performances by the whole squad.  Today’s outstanding players were Neill Reilly, Liam Fletcher, Eamon McLoughlin, Luke Osbourne, with man of the match going to Brian McKeown.
Trim Celtic: Khalum Doyle, Ross Power, Sean Cummiskey, Liam Fletcher, Brian McKeown, Neill Reilly, Cormac Harten, Eamon McLoughlin, Luke Osbourne, Meara Owens, Odhran Corrigan, Andrew Bird, James Durkin, Liam O’Donnell, Ryan Tuohy.