This week the Club heard from one of its former members presently living in Florida after he came across our website. Good to hear from you Brendan! Keep in touch and when you are back here pay us a visit. Trim has changed a great deal over the years and your old Club is trying hard to keep up with the pace!  – Des Clancy, Club Secretary.

I stumbled across Trim Celtic’s website recently whilst do some research on the internet. I spent my formative years playing football with Trim Celtic and your Memory Lane section brought some wonderful memories flooding back. 

Amazing to see so many of the old faces and the dedication of people paying off to such a degree. Thinking back, my earliest memories was of my dad (Tommy Kelly) bringing me to see Trim Celtic play in the old “ground” next to the CBS, in the early 1970s I guess. I was a member of the first Schoolboy team run by Trim Celtic in probably 1977 or so. I remember Tony Wallace (from the school) as one of our early coaches and that time was filled with such great fun. It is difficult to recall my teammates from then, but the names I remember include Pat Hayes, Dominic Kearns, Pierce Halligan, the O’Neill brothers, John Dignam. We had a very good team and remember winning some memorable games by whopping scorelines (9-0 one day against Maynooth when I scored 5 goals for some reason sticks in my mind) 

You must remember that this was 1970s Trim when playing “soccer” was taboo to say the least. Trim Celtic gave me an outlet for my love of the game that my father instilled in me. For that I will be eternally grateful. 

I left Trim in the early 1980s and haven’t been back since, so my memory of the time is sketchy. However, it is great to see the Club thriving so well and my best wishes to all at Trim Celtic for continued success from an old player now resident in Orlando Florida (and trying to pass on the love of football to kids here). 

With kind regards 

Brendan Kelly”