Trim Celtic’s ground was named after Paddy Tully, who was the first Chairman of the present Trim Celtic
and he served in that capacity from 1967 until his passing away in June 1980 aged 48. His introduction to the game came about as a result of an accidental meeting with Christy Ginnerty shortly before the very first meeting was called, which lead to the formation of the club.

His tireless work for the club especially at a time when support for the soccer game was very limited is an example of how dedicated and persistence are eventually rewarded. His contribution was immense and he was the driving force behind the move to acquire the land at Knightsbrook, to be named in his memory.

Paddy was a native of Longwood and lived for a long time in Summerhill for which he distinguished himself a Gaelic footballer. Ironically he never played for Trim Celtic. He practiced as an accountant with the Agricultural Institute at Grange.

When he passed away, he left his wife Kay, sons Liam, Fergal and Donal and one daughter Barbara.