Shane Dempsey

So Shane,
Tell us an interesting fact that not a lot of people know about you
I’ve always wanted to punch a cow.

Date and Place of birth
20-9-1979, Louth

Marital status
Blissfully single

Best advice given
Don’t go bungee jumping in Mexico, they just don’t have the regulations (given to a friend travelling to Mexico last year.)

Worst Advice given
You should go bungee jumping (given to friend (RIP)) on holidays in Mexico two years ago

Favourite Band
Pink Floyd

Favourite Film
Space Odyssey

Favourite Food
Steak in Shannahan’s

Biggest influence on career
My father

Best goal
U-14, tully park, I was lining up a wall, face stuck to the right hand post, screaming at Hairy to ‘MOVE RiGHT! MOVE RIGHT!’ The other team’s player decided to take a quick free. He didn’t connect well and the ball moved slowly goalbound. I shouted at the referee and only then got scrambling across the goal. I had stumbled, fell, tipped the slowly moving ball onto the post. It then proceeded to hit me on the back of the head and go into the net. Des Clancy nearly came onto the field to rip my head off. The referee had to hold up the restart because we were going ape at each other.

Favourite game

Game you’d rather forget
Can’t remember

Are you superstitious?
Not yet.

Tell readers your favourite joke
Duck walks into a bar and asks the barman ‘Do you have any sandwhiches?’
Barman says ‘Sorry sir we don’t do sandwhiches, just drinks and crisps. Do you want a pint?”
Duck: Have you got any sandwhiches?
Barman, a bit confused says “No, just the drinks.”
Duck “Have you got any sandwhices?
Barman: No. No Sandwhiches.
Duck: Have you got any sandwhiches?
Barman: No, we don’t sell sandwhiches.
Duck: Have you got any sandwhiches?
Barman: Listen you little prick we don’t do sandwhiches. Now get lost.
Duck: Have you got any sandwhiches?
Barman: Listen we don’t do f***ing sandwhiches. We don’t do them, we never have, never will. Just drink. Now if you ask me if I have any sandwhiches any more I’m going to nail you beak to this bar. Duck: Have you got any nails?
Barman: No of course not.
Duck: have you got any sandwhiches.

If you won €1 million on the lottery what would you buy and who for?
I would buy a hurley for every child in this country.

Thank you Shane for putting yourself under the SPOTLIGHT.
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