Ross Campbell

So Ross,
Tell us an interesting fact that not a lot of people know about you
I’m off to Australia in 5 months time, thats the best I could come up with but they probably know that!

Date and Place of birth
16/04/1981, Trim

Marital status
Single, put up a good photo of me for this one!

Best advice given
Dont give the ball to Neller unless your stuck, he’ll only put it in the hedge!!

Worst Advice given
Give the ball to Neller, he’s free!!

Favourite Band

Favourite Film

Braveheart & any Jenna Jameson Movies!!

Favourite Food

Pasta, Lasagne, Spagetti Bolognese, the Italian stuff except the chippers!

Biggest influence on career

Alcohol, its the makin or breakin of ye! Breakin mainly!

Best goal

Against Square for the seconds last year, wont go in to too much detail but it was pure genius, i’m a creator, let me create!!

Favourite game

Man Utd v Bayern Munich, need i say more!

Game you’d rather forget

Arsenal scum last year in the FA Cup Final, its a sick world at times!

Are you superstitious?


Tell readers your favourite joke

I said it before & i’ll say it again, NELLER!!

If you won €1 million on the lottery what would you buy and who for?

An abrakebabra franchise out in Sydney for “the growler” harte, he’d love it & a bucketload of fake tan for the “Casper” Kelly so he’d look a bit more presentable in them photos were gettin back!!

Thank you Ross for putting yourself under the SPOTLIGHT.

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