Ronan Mckenna

Read on …So Ronan,
Tell us an interesting fact that not a lot of people know about you
I have never been to the isle of man.

Date and Place of birth

28th may 1980 – Ratunda hospital Dublin at 00.05

Marital status
Single but courtin

Best advice given
To thyne own self be true

Worst Advice given

Do H.E. for your junior cert.

Favourite Band

Favourite Film

The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Food


Biggest influence on career

My Dad.

Best goal
Overhead volley from the edge of the box playing for Paraguay in the world cup in 1966.(or Never)

Favourite game

Game you’d rather forget
None, comes to mind!

Are you superstitious?


Tell readers your favourite joke

Polar bear walks into a bar and says can I have a ………………………………..pint. And the barman says why the big Pause.

If you won €1 million on the lottery what would you buy and who for?

I’d buy Cissea for trim celtic.and buy a house a car and a boat out of the change.

Thank you Ronan for putting yourself under the SPOTLIGHT.

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