Trim Celtic First Team Manager Alan Kirwan has expressed confidence in his players as they prepare for the biggest game so far this season – their encounter in Limerick with….

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Trim Celtic First Team Manager Alan Kirwan has expressed confidence in
his players as they prepare for the biggest game so far this season -their
encounter in Limerick with Carew Park for a place in the quarter final draw
of this season’s FAI Junior Cup.

Alan Kirwan…..Manager 2004/5
‘This season the FAI used a new format in this area whereby
we had to compete in an open draw with all other Leinster Clubs from the start.
Previously Celtic competed in a local regional grouping from which it was
easier to emerge. Over 650 teams entered this year’s tournament and we are
down now to sixteen’.
Alan believes that his squad of players has enough talent to
reach the quarter final milestone and to go further, a view endorsed by Club
‘I have a nice blend of young and old and the players are
looking forward to matching the achievement of the only other team in the
Club’s history to reach the quarter final stage back in the 1976/7 season.
Obviously I never saw that team playing but I have a great deal about it.’

David Conway…Leading Scorer 2004/5
‘I have not yet decided what my exact lineout will be on the day but
whoever is selected will be well able for the task ahead. We are without Dermot
Bartley due to injury but we have plenty of cover. I will be looking to David
Conway the Club’s leading scorer this year to add to his tally. The leadership
of Dominic Martin will be vital and the experience of Ciaran Rispin. In midfield
I will expect a big game from Paul Campbell. But the reality is that everyone
will have to give of their best if we are to win through.’
He added that a lot could depend on the youngest player in
the squad Craig O’Hanlon who still plays for the Club’s Under 17 team.
‘I have not seen Carew Park play -I decided not to worry
about them. I would prefer for them to worry about us and I do not know if
they came to see us play’.
So far the team have enjoyed five straight wins in this year’s
competition scoring 15 goals on the way. David Conway leads the way with six.
Paul Campbell and Shane Ashe have three each. Craig O’Hanlon got two and David
Fagan one.

Craig O’Hanlon…Youngest Member of the 2004/5 Squad
‘We are two games away from a place in next season’s Senior
FAI Cup draw’
said Alan Kirwan, who added that he would not be happy
with that alone. ‘I want to win the FAI Junior Cup -nothing less’.
‘We are the last MDL Club in the competition. Although
Bellurgan are still described as an MDL Club, it is in fact their AUL side.’
The Panel for next week’s game is:
Barry O’Callaghan
Ciaran Rispin
Dominic Martin
Keith Jones

Andrew Reilly
Dermot Bartley
Paul Bartley
John Bligh
Ciaran Mulvenna
Paul Campbell
David Fagan
David Conway
Shane Ashe
Paul Rispin
Michael Martin
Ross Campbell
Damien Dempsey